Establishing Your Private Practice

Starting a private practice can be a daunting process. Here are some of our top tips to consider when starting your practice...

Establish what you offer

This might sound obvious but it's very important to identify what you are offering. If you are clear about what you are offering and to whom this will help you move forward. As you are starting a business, it is often recommended to write a business plan, which will help to focus and clarify your thoughts.

Setting up

Once you are clear about what you are offering there are lots of practical things to consider and sort out, including:

  • Professional liability insurance
  • Supervision
  • Finding a therapy or treatment room

For help finding the right therapy room, take a look at our sister site, UK Therapy Rooms - The Directory of UK Treatment & Therapy Rooms to Rent.


Now it's time to generate interest, build the brand and find some clients.

Website: The best place to start is to build a website. Many people assume this a long and expensive process. However, there are great platforms out there such as "Wordpress" and "Wix" where you can build a website on your own with limited technical knowledge. Alternatively, there are website companies who will be able to build a small brochure website quickly and inexpensively.

Social media: Build your online presence with social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Post interesting articles, or if you can, write articles yourself and post them to your network. You can write and post articles from within your PsychFinder profile, and link to them in your social media accounts.

Join existing databases: There are many database and networking websites that charge a small fee but will help you drive traffic to your website and build a client base. Here at PsychFinder, you will be part of a specialist network of registered psychologists where you can create a profile for free. You may then choose to subscribe only when you are generating enquiries.

Legal and financial

Once you develop new client relationships, you will need to think about how you will store client details and record contacts securely. There are plenty of applications such as "Base" which are platforms to record your clients details and financial information securely. It will be important for an accountant to advise on whether to set up your business as a limited company or sole trader. They will also be able to assist with tax returns.


Although daunting initially, setting up a private practice can bring lots of exciting opportunities, independence, financial reward and flexible working. Good luck!